Impressionwise Email Verification and Spam Trap Removal


Verification Plus Threats Result Codes

Impressionwise’s data intelligence platform is based on policy-driven rule sets and real-time scanning algorithms that use a multi-layered approach to identify, validate and protect against a wide range of e-mail-based threats. These threats, ranging in severity, are broken down into the following categories for flexibility in customized export usage options while providing unprecedented, detailed insight.

Threat Intelligence

Icon Red Trap. Purpose-built, Spam-trap, or Honeypot e-mail address, any e-mail messages sent to this address are immediately considered unsolicited. Email address has known association of having direct ownership or control over the resources involved with the reception of a message leading to its submission to one or more DNSBL sites.
Icon Red Mole. Collaborating recipient submission-based or domain-level, anti-spam solution with no current, direct ownership of resources involved. Yet historical evidence firmly establishes a relationship to one or more DNSBL sites.
Icon Red Quarantine. Once active traps gone dormant may become reactivated during a 90 day period. Yet actively considered certified.
Icon Red Seed. Third party oversight email address used for general monitoring of company's network resources. Removal of litigators and collaborative anti-spam activists historically known to purposely seed their email address(es) for the purpose of litigation.
Icon Red Key. Complex pattern recognition and threat string algorithms designed to remove intra-domain recipients employed by that domain for use as spam traps.

Delivery Intelligence

Icon Red Invalid. Defined as the inability to actually deliver an email message to intended recipient's receiving domain per RFC standards.
Icon Red Parked Site. Email addresses that after careful evaluation have been established to be least likely to be responsive or engage.
Icon Red Dormant Account. TLD account with no login activity for a long period of time, the recipient account is defined by the provider as “inactive” and turned into a form of unknowing collaborator with no non-delivery report (NDR) indicating “no such user” or “mailbox not found” being sent as a response.
Icon Yellow Discretionary. We are able to conclude that these email addresses do not represent a threat and are safe to send to. These addresses, commonly referred to as “Accept All’s”, contain a domain-wide setting that does not allow for anyone to conclusively verify that these addresses are deliverable.
Icon Green Certified Safe to Send. Email address with no known reason to expect a delivery failure or harm to email senders online reputation.

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With an average of 117,545 new email-based threats found each month, Impressionwise makes it easy for potential clients to evaluate our list cleaning services by offering a complimentary scan and report for a sample set of your data to illustrate the benefits of our services.

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